Mohave Bob * Highland Lynx * Desert Lynx * Snow Bob Kittens For Sale

Mohave Bob * Highland Lynx * Desert Lynx * Snow Bob Kittens For Sale

About Us


Founder of the Mohave Bob

Let Windswept tame your soul, with exotically wild spots and stripes to fill the imagination of owning a wild cat with a purring gentleness of the domestic cat.  We are two small catteries under one name, offering quality Rare and Exotic Feline Registry (REFR) registered Mohave Bob, Desert Lynx, Highland Lynx and Snowbob kittens for sale.   We specializes in traditional and rare colors of chocolate, lilac, cinnamon and fawn.


New Cinnamon/Fawn Bloodlines

We are adding a few outcrosses to bring in new bloodlines for our cinnamon/fawn program.  Our new bloodlines will help us maintain our goal to produce larger broader heads, shorter cobby bodies with good boning to help us work away from the tall lanky with pointy faces.  We put a lot of thought into each breeding, by doing so we may not get all the mutation in each litter but will be concentrating on keeping type while adding in the mutations.  Expect great kittens to come.


2017 Plans

We are planning great things for 2017!  Our plans include breeding for our sought after bigger broader heads, better bone, on thick cobby bodies.  These signature litters will be concentrating on only adding the pixie bob, american bobtail natural short tail gene that is currently being DNA researched.  Along with curled ears, poly feet and some curled coats.  We also are working on getting all our cats DNA'd.


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