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All Mohave Bob, Highland Lynx, Desert Lynx, Snow Bob are priced with breeding rights listed first and spay/neuter companion price second.  Kittens will not be released until 12 week at the earliest NO EXCEPTIONS.  All companions will be spayed or neutered prior to leaving.



Available Windswept kittens get their first shots at 12wks per the American Academy of Feline Practitioner's (AAFP)  protocols/recommendations.  All kittens are wormed with Panacure or Drontal wormer.



Cats can be shipped @ purchasers expense.  Note all kittens purchased as spay/neuter companions must be viewed in person per USDA laws.


Highland Lynx Kittens

New litter of Highland Lynx a waiting DNA testing.  These kittens are possible chocolate/cinnamon carriers. Black Smoke, Black Classic, Mink females and possible Lilac/Fawn lynx point male.  No pricing until DNA confirmed.

Contact 623-810-9427

Updated 6-11-2017

Retired Adult

Yetti - Highland Lynx $1800/$300

Mink ticked lynx point,he is a good sized boy with some substance to him that he passes down to his kittens, he as been fully tested for disease and color traits.  Can be placed as a breeder or as a neutered companion.  He is TICA & REFR

Updated 6-11-2017

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All spay/neuter companion cats/kittens must be viewed in person.

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